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All you Need to Know About Hydrogen Peroxide and hpv | Genital Warts

There are many cures that abound the internet, if you are looking for a one time solution for genital warts. Hydrogen peroxide and hpv are mentioned in one breath in such situations. Many claim to have cured the warts by applying hydrogen peroxide on the warts. Let us take a look at the available remedies and whether they really work.

Most people who support the use of hydrogen peroxide do not really have an idea about hydrogen peroxide and hpv. Hpv or genital warts as it is commonly called is a viral infection that is sexually transmitted. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical bleach which is commonly used to lighten skin tone. The hydrogen peroxide that is available at stores comes in different strengths depending on the end use for which it is purchased. Hydrogen peroxide is used to bleach clothes and in its strongest concentration it is even used as an industrial bleach. If the chemical has such potency, you should think twice before you use it on warts.

A favorite remedy involving hydrogen peroxide and hpv is to apply hydrogen peroxide to the area and shave the warts away. This practice is not just painful, it is downright dangerous. You are not supposed to pull or stretch the genital warts as this is a sure way of transmitting the infection with your hands. The warts will also bleed and they may get secondarily infected by bacteria that invade open wounds. If you use an old razor there are higher chances of an infection.

Another remedy that has found proponents on many internet posts, is the use of hydrogen peroxide after you have pulled out the warts. The bleeding may be extremely profuse if you manually pull out the warts. You may use of hydrogen peroxide and hpv might still recur, as the virus invades the skin layers and is never completely eliminated. Most home remedies involving hydrogen peroxide advise you to apply hydrogen peroxide to the warts with a q - tip every night and let the wart come off by itself. This may be much safer than the other methods mentioned above but there are still chances of recurrence and infection.

HPV is the most common STD, especially among college-aged people. Symptoms don’t appear until 3 weeks-several months after exposure, but HPV is most contagious during the pre-symptomatic stage. Thw warts are usually painless and may even look like bumps. They may be seen anywhere. Women commonly get warts on the bottom of the vaginal opening, labia, vulva, inside the vagina, on the cervix, or around the anus. In men warts appear on the head of the penis , often under the foreskin, on the shaft, or sometimes on the scrotum. Hydrogen peroxide and hpv do not mix and you should consult a qualified doctor to understand fully the implications of the infection and how helpful treatment will be for you. There are various methods to remove the warts, but they won’t cure HPV so warts may return. In this condition it is more important to fortify the immune system to tackle the infection.

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  1. Kim

    What can I do if other types of treatment just don’t work?

  2. If you are fed up of all the different types of treatment for hpv you must consider surgery. The recurrence rates with surgery are much less and you can be free of symptoms this way. There are many different surgical optipns available and you will be able to choose the one that is most helpful. Consult your doctor for further advice.

  3. Laurie

    I disagree with the idea that H2O2 is too strong or dangerous to use on or in the human body. You need to know which strength or dilution is appropriate. I had I.V. infusions of H2O2 12 years ago to eliminate my Epstein Barr Virus, systemic Candidiasis, and severe chemical sensitivities.
    Main stream docs said there was “no cure for EBV”. It eliminated mine, as well as eliminating a host of chronic deblilitating symptoms that were ruining my life. 2 years ago I chose “Oxidative IV therapy” again ….this time to kill cancer cells (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) instead of going to the “chop, burn and poison” route that traditional medicine pushes. This author needs to read more! Are you aware that our own bodies v(ia the white blood cells, “killer cells”) actually do their job by……PRODUCING HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!! Hmmm. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering from a low immune system or a viral or fungal or yeast infection (local, internal, external, or systemic!) definitely find a doctor trained and certified to give hydrogen peroxide IV (diluted in an IV solution and buffered with magnesium–they know the formula). Anyone with cancer should try this to eliminate the likely fungal or viral conditons that likely triggered their cells to become anaerobic mutations instead of the healthy aerobic cells they were originally. There are many books available on the subject of “oxygen therapy”, H2O2 IV, and how oxygen depletion causes cancer to develop. Vitamin C is also involved in the production of H2O2 in our bodies. Read the research of Dr. Mattias Rath and Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize winners)….Vit. C, proline and lysine, Cellular Nutrition, The cause and cure for cancer, etc. It could save your life. Doctors need to break free of the shakles of the pharmaceutical industry and their bedfellows at the FDA and AMA and read the medical research that has been available for over 60 years on how and why we develop cancer and non-invasive and nontoxic treatments that can prevent as well as reverse cancer. Legitimate cures have been suppressed and doctors are being used as accomplices in the the maiming and avoidable deaths of millions of people for too long. Sacrifice your profit margin for the priviledge of saving lives and preserving quality of life. Tell the drug companies to take a hike. Read the medical research…..even a google search is adequate! From a Registered Nurse with first hand knowledge of H2O2 and other “alternative” therapies.

  4. Laurie

    Of couse the drug companies are pushing another vaccination! It’s huge profits for them. Too bad Guardasil’s risks are not worth the “benefit”. The side effects are frightening, yet it doesn’t even protect against all of the types of HPV viruses that exist. H2O2 IV is dirt cheap (about $ 80 per infusion) and it can kill every bacteria, fungus, yeast and virus without harming the healthy cells—no toxicity. Think about it… if a doctor or pharmaceutical company could make thousands of dollars prescribing one treatment versus $100 for an “alternative” treatment….which would they give the patient? Would they even be motivated to learn about the “alternative” treatment? If it was for their own wife they might be motivated, but not for the masses.
    The whole “Find a Cure” fundraising pitch with the pink ribbons, marathons, and calling people for donations really makes me mad. Doctors and researchers have ALREADY FOUND THE CAUSE AND MANY CURES! But their research has been suppressed and kept from the public and even most doctors. It would ruin the lucrative “BUSINESS WITH CANCER” if the masses knew how to prevent or reverse their cancer without using chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Listen closely and maybe you can hear the voices of the dead calling out to us to choose a better way. Rise above the deception and learn the truth.

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